Girlschool & Gary Glitter - 'I'm The Leader Of The Gang'

miércoles, 17 de agosto de 2016

Silver Star Gary Glitter

Silver Star
Álbum de estudio de Gary Glitter
País de origen: Inglaterra
Año: 1977
Discográfica: Arista Records
Productor: Mike Leander
1. You belong To Me
2. Haven't I seen You Somewhere Before?
3. I Dare You To Lay One on Me
4. Roll of the Dice
5. Hooked on Hollywood
6. Summertime Blues Out
7. It takes Allí night Long
8. Oh, what I fool I have Been
9. Heartbreaking Blues Eyed Boy
10. Rock N'Roll ( I Gave You the Best Years on My Life)
11. A little Boogie Woogie (In the Back of My Mind)
12. Treat of 42nd street
13. 365 Days
14. I'm the Leader of the Gang (I Am) y las SchoolGirls

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